Japanese Language Training Courses for Adult, Corporate and KIDS

  • Japanese Language Training Exclusively from JAPANESE TEACHERS at Most Affordable PRICEs!! REGULAR CHARGES - 500 yen /Hour.
  • Everybody wants to qualify the JLPT exam, but just to qualify the exam is not what we focus on. There are many students who qualified the exam but still they can't speak Japanese, the reason is that they only concentrate on how to qualify the exam. We provide Japanese language training in depth, in a professional way.
  • The common problem with foreigners those learn Japanese language from Foreign teachers are, they cannot understand Japanese people pronunciation properly and vice versa. By considering this factor in mind, We are providing, Japanese Language Training Exclusively from JAPANESE TEACHERS.
  • The course are available from Basic Conversation, JLPT all levels, Business communication.
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    All appointed teachers has Japanese teaching license. Or Long teaching experience.

    For basic level students, teacher will explain in supporting language such as English, Chinese, Korean etc.

    The course are available from Basic Conversation, JLPT all levels, Business communication for all categories such as Kids, Adult and Corporate . If any company would like to conduct classes for their employees, then apply from Corporate category.

    Basic conversation Course:

    If you dont know any thing about Japanese language, want to learn from basic then this is good option for you. In this course you can learn Hiragana, Katakana, Basic sentences require for daily communication. This is the base for entering to JLPT courses.

    JLPT Courses:

    Syllabus will be covered to qualify the Japanese language proficiency test (JLPT all levels N5 to N1).

    Business communication

    This Course is designed for students who wish to improve their career opportunities in Japan by improving their Japanese professional skill. Requirement- Candidate should have at least Japanese JLPT N3 or N2 level.

    Only 500 Yen/hour (plus 10% Tax). (Most Affordable PRICEs!! With High Quality)

    Charges will be taken monthly, 3 Months Basis depend upon batches contents. Payment method will be varying according to category and course types

    12 to 15 Hours / Month : ( 3 times / week)

    Duration from 8 to 9 months . Candidates can get confidence on Japanese language command.