Recruitment of Engineers

We are HR Consultancy to provide, specialized Engineers in all sectors. Our consultancy has been concentrating to make the best database for Engineers only, so we can provide outstanding Engineers to the engineering industries around the globe.

The Consultancy practice of our organization provides efficient and timely recruitment Assistance in Engineering fields. The company provides talented human resources for recruitment at the Top, Middle, and Junior levels in engineering fields.

We have a large database of well-qualified professionals in all engineering sectors. This enables us to match your requirements of Professionals at all levels.

We promptly introduce and provide the most appropriate human resources and services to meet our customers' needs.

We make decisions based on education (academic background), experience/skills, and economic rationality.

To make the recruitment process more perfect way, we have made a job portal by which job seekers, Companies, and Agencies can get accurate recruitment services.
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Japnese Language Training

We are in the recruitment business for a decade. During our tenure, we found that foreigners in Japan are facing problems due to language barriers everywhere. People who were not fluent in Japanese missed out on a lot of career opportunities due to the communication gap, neither did they get better chances on the corporate ladder nor did they have an enjoyable social life - the sole reason being LANGUAGE and this is really heart-wrenching.

In our survey, we discovered that foreigners living in Japan and people in other parts of the world – prefer to learn Japanese from NATIVE JAPANESE speakers, but the exorbitant fee structure is neither affordable nor economical. Considering this fact we decided to establish My Japanese Online, which will be a common platform for all outlanders who want to learn the Japanese language from NATIVE JAPANESE TEACHERS at the most affordable fees with the best quality. Also gladly informing you that within a short period of time our services are loved by numerous foreigners and people all across the world. The courses are skillfully designed to fit a variety of needs. The wide range of courses available is Basic Conversation, JLPT for all levels to Business communication for all categories such as Kids, Adults, and Corporate.
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Business support

OCCDesign is providing services in designing and analysis of Automobile part design with help of CAD and CAE software.

We have a CAD work consult professional team in our India branch, emphasize quality and strive for a speedy response. Support and service will be provided in both Japanese and English Language.

Cooperation between the Japan head office and the India Branch office is as follows-

Japan head office
  • Administrative functions
  • Sales function for the Japanese market
  • Quality control function (if necessary)

India Branch office
  • Design and engineering functions
  • Quality control function
  • Human resource development and management function

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