OCCDesign Business Advisory Services:

Empowering Your Japanese Market Entry

Strategic Business Expansion

Navigating the intricate landscape of Japanese business demands strategic foresight. Our service entails a comprehensive approach to strategic business expansion, covering market research, legal compliance, and cultural adaptation.

Startup Support

Launching into the Japanese market requires meticulous planning. We offer startup support encompassing company registration, business plan development, and local partner networking to ensure a seamless entry.

Exciting News: Introduction of Business Advisory Services

Proudly introducing our Business Advisory Services, designed to provide unparalleled support to companies from India seeking to establish themselves in Japan.

First Stage - Assessment and Solution Proposal

Needs Assessment

Embarking on a successful journey begins with understanding your unique needs. Meticulous needs assessment process delves into your business objectives, market entry goals, and potential challenges.

Unique Strengths and Expertise

Leveraging our distinctive strengths, we tailor solutions that align with your specific requirements. Our team’s expertise becomes your strategic advantage in the Japanese market.

Solution Proposal

Crafting a roadmap for success, we develop a customized proposal outlining services, timelines, and associated costs. Detailed proposal serves as the foundation for our collaborative journey.

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Second Stage - Implementation Method

OCCDesign as Your Business Representative in Japan

Acting as your dedicated business representative in Japan. Connecting with potential partners and users using shared business plans to facilitate seamless market entry.

Initiating Discussions with Prospects

Initiating discussions with potential partners. Strategic approach fostering engagement and establishing groundwork for successful collaborations.

Preparation of Detailed Business Plan

Assisting in the preparation of a detailed business plan. Outlining the path to product/solution introduction, discussion on Proof of Concept (POC), and eventual commercial deployment.

Regular Reporting

Weekly Meetings, Reports, and Regular Activity Updates to ensure regular activity updates to keep you informed and involved throughout the process.

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Third Stage: Company Registration and Ongoing Support

Key Win Points for Company Registration

Demonstrating expertise in regulatory compliance. Facilitating company registration with a focus on local partnerships, guidance on taxation, and meticulous assistance with documentation.

Continued Cultural Adaptation Support

Navigating cultural nuances is vital. Providing continued cultural adaptation support, ensuring seamless integration into the Japanese business environment.

Post-Registration Assistance

Beyond registration, our support extends to post-registration activities. Assisting in setting up operational processes, hiring local talent, and positioning your company for long-term success.

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Competitive Service Pricing

Our service pricing is competitive and transparent.

Monthly retainer and sales commission structure ensures affordability without compromising service quality.

Reach Out for a Consultation

Ready to take the next step? Reach out for a consultation. Let’s explore how OCCDesign can be your dedicated partner for Japanese business success.

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Our team is committed to your success.

1. Our team is committed to your success.

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